Louis C.K. slams Common Core again: "Kids, teachers, parents are vocally suffering"

Days after he first sounded off on Twitter, the comedian clarified his views on teachers, tests and Common Core

By Sarah Gray
Published May 1, 2014 10:56PM (EDT)

On Tuesday, comedian Louis C.K. took to Twitter to express his frustration with Common Core. Common Core is a controversial set of nationwide English language arts and math benchmarks, and according to Slate there are difficult test to go with them.

Forty-fives states have adopted Common Core standards, but according to NPR: "Seven out of 10 teachers say the transition to a curriculum tied to Common Core isn't working. Two-thirds of teachers say they were not asked for input on how to develop the implementation plan." And, American Federation of Teacher president Randi Weingarten told Salon, "Between austerity and the lack of thoughtful implementation, you see that the Common Core may actually fail."

Today, C.K., who has two daughters in New York public school, headed back to social media to clarify his earlier views:

[embedtweet id="461982074313142272"]

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His most damning Tweet was fired off yesterday evening where he stated:

[embedtweet id="461666759507193856"]

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