Greenwald hints to Colbert about the next big NSA revelation: "One of the missing pieces is on whom is the NSA spying"

Colbert jokes: "But it's our data they stole, where's our Pulitzer?"

Sarah Gray
May 13, 2014 6:40PM (UTC)

Last night, NSA whistleblower and Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald appeared on "The Colbert Report." There, Colbert raised every point that critics routinely jab at Greenwald and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Rather than a talking-head non-response, viewers got the fully formed answer from Greenwald himself. (If you had any sneaking doubts about the NSA leaks, this interview does a thorough job of answering them.)

In a spirited debate (that will be missed from the character "Stephen Colbert"), the two discuss all aspects of the surveillance state: whistleblowing, privacy, journalism, the obligation to disclose information and, of course, the perils of blissful ignorance.


Greenwald also discusses his new book, "No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State" and talks about a new piece of journalism that is due out in four to eight weeks. This time, the piece will detail who specifically is targeted for spying by the NSA, and why.

The interview is full of biting jokes, but the truth underlying it is extraordinarily unsettling. The entire interview can be viewed below:


The Colbert Report
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