Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart launches hashtag against Rush Limbaugh

"The Daily Show" chastised the conservative commentator for mocking #BringBackOurGirls

Published May 13, 2014 1:09PM (EDT)

"Daily Show" host Jon Stewart has long been a critic of Twitter, but the recent #BringBackOurGirls campaign, which brought international attention to the kidnapping of more than 200 girls in Nigeria, has made him reevaluate the social media tool. "I owe Twitter an apology," he said. "You're not just for casual racism and dick pics."

Initially, Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan rejected international aid when Islamist militant group Boko Haram kidnapped the girls on April 15th. One week later, the hashtag went viral, and Jonathan was compelled to address the issue.

Attention on Twitter "cannot force a crazy person to do something," said Stewart, of the leaders of Boko Haram. "But it can shame a less crazy person into not doing nothing ... while apparently driving a medium-crazy person, crazier."

Enter "quivering rage heap" Rush Limbaugh, who has openly mocked Michelle Obama's support of the hashtag. Limbaugh "is apparently desperately trying to extinguish any remaining molecule of humanity that might still reside in the Chernobyl-esque ... clean-up site that was his soul," Stewart scoffed, urging viewers to trend #F*@kYouRush on Twitter.

Stewart celebrated the girls, who are the "real badasses" for having the courage to attend school despite the dangers of a "stick-chewing cartoon villain." "Compared to their courage, Boko Haram is a bunch of little girls," Stewart concluded. "And you know what?" Stewart said to Limbaugh, "you don't deserve that compliment."

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