Texas morning show host gets so mad that Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend on television that she walks off set

"It's being pushed in faces. Get a room. I don't want to see that," said "The Broadcast" co-host Amy Kushnir

Published May 15, 2014 3:36PM (EDT)

Courtney Kerr and Amy Kushnir        (YouTube)
Courtney Kerr and Amy Kushnir (YouTube)

There is a Dallas morning show called "The Broadcast," and it features four women who talk about the news and also sometimes argue about the news.

The four co-hosts found themselves split over whether Michael Sam should be allowed to kiss his boyfriend on television. The reaction from two of the panelists, Amy Kushnir and Suzie Humphreys, appears to be some kind of prank meant to demonstrate what it means to be a grouchy homophobe afraid of the world as it changes around them.

"It's being pushed in faces. Get a room. I don't want to see that," Kushnir said of the kiss." I don't want to see cake in your face, kissing each other." (Related: "Being pushed in faces" is great.)

Humphreys, for her part, was also mad that Donald Sterling doesn't get to own the Clippers anymore just because he is super racist. She is mad about the kiss, too. And social media. Which she is sick of. "It is all one-sided," Humphreys complained. "It all has to do with social media. The whole thing. And I know I represent a lot of people who are sick of it."

When the other two panelists asked Kushnir to explain why she was so offended by two men kissing but not by straight couples kissing, Kushnir tried to argue that television never shows straight married couples kissing or football players kissing their moms. (This is not true.) Humphreys then said that Kushnir should be free to be mad about seeing men kiss without getting "slambasted." (Related: "Slambasted" is great.)

Kushnir, tired of being slambasted, walked off set.

What's really striking is that after Kushnir leaves, there's a moment when the panelists awkwardly talk about what they will cover next. Humpreys, having just held her nose while discussing Sam -- a man who found solace from his troubled home life in football, built a surrogate family through the sport and eventually went on to make history as the first out gay player active in the NFL -- said she hoped that the next topic would be something "inspiring" and "uplifting."

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By Katie McDonough

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