Watch meteorologist rescue an adorable kitten from tornado rubble

While reporting on a tornado that tore through Cedarville, Ohio, meteorologist Rich Wirdzek heard an unexpected mew

By Sarah Gray
May 17, 2014 12:30AM (UTC)
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It has been a week characterized by extreme weather events: Intense heat and wildfires in California, and tornados touching down in Ohio, Florida and just moments ago in North Carolina. (Thomas Friedman characterizes these events as "global weirding" -- or intensified weather events that are the result of climate change.)

In the calm after a tornado in Cedarville, Ohio, a meteorologist found an unlikely survivor, in the debris of a smashed barn. WHIO reporter, Rich Wirdzek found a small kitten shaking in the rubble. He took the kitten and wrapped in a jacket and kept it warm in the news-van.


The EF3 category tornado hit yesterday evening at around 6:03 PM, and according to the National Weather Service, there were no injuries or fatalities reported. Two homes, and the barn where the kitten was discovered, were destroyed.

The sweet kitten was apparently one of several who had recently been birthed in the barn. According to WHIO, it has been reunited with its owners.

Watch videos of the kitten and tornado aftermath below:



h/t Gawker, WHIO

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