Sarah Silverman is the textbook definition of "offensive"

Her picture appears in a book as the less desirable meaning of the word

Published May 21, 2014 2:08PM (EDT)

   (Evan Agostini/invision/ap)
(Evan Agostini/invision/ap)

Comedian Sarah Silverman is literally the textbook definition of "offensive": Her picture appears in a textbook for children under the caption, "There are two meanings of the word offensive. Can you think of any other meanings?" The other picture is that of a football player:

As she explained to David Letterman on Tuesday night, "I am across the board offensive. Hitler, al-Qaida, Don Sterling -- they're too likable!"

Sadly, it's not the first time the comedian has been chastised for not conforming to the 1950s-era gender norms, but Silverman is taking it in stride. Though she has every right, Silverman doesn't plan to sue, saying, "That's too stigmatic for Jews."

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