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Watch "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" if it had been directed by David Lynch

A YouTube user splices the "Star Wars" classic, giving it a rather "Lynchian" bent

Sarah Gray
May 22, 2014 2:45AM (UTC)

David Lynch wears many artistic hats -- visual artist, musician, director, occasional actor. He's known for the many movies he has directed from to "Dune" to "Blue Velvet," and for one he famously did not direct: "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi." In 1981, George Lucas offered him the opportunity to direct the final movie in the original trilogy, but Lynch turned it down.

Well in the age of YouTube, a user C-SPIT decided to reimagine "Return of the Jedi" as if Lynch had actually directed it. Splicing clips of the Lucas film together, user C-SPIT added some "Lynchian" style.


Despite trending towards an artistic depiction of horror and the supernatural, Lynch does boil down to a "Star Wars-like" theme of good and evil. A 1990, New York Times Magazine article put it this way:

"And however much he may be wired into the country`s nightmares, he is even more in tune with himself - with the tensions between the security and wonder of childhood and something adult, unknown and dangerous. Despite two marriages, two divorces and two children, Lynch has managed to stay very much a curious boy for whom the world is alive with discoveries, both good and evil."

Why did Lynch turn down this directorial opportunity? He answers in an interview in 2010 with the Hudson Union Society:


h/t The VergeC-SPIT

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