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Bob Woodward mocks Laura Ingraham for Benghazi obsession

The right-wing pundit and radio host receives some snark from the legendary and assiduously nonpartisan journalist

Elias Isquith
June 2, 2014 6:32PM (UTC)

Laura Ingraham's obsession with the attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi has become so comically extreme that even the Washington Post's usually mild-mannered Bob Woodward is winning laughs by mocking her — and on a Fox News panel, no less.

Appearing on Fox News on Sunday morning, Ingraham was asked by host Chris Wallace to respond to President Obama's recent speech at West Point, in which Obama laid out a foreign policy doctrine of sorts, one that strongly emphasized using military force and unilateral action as a last resort.


While she granted that the president was channeling the war-weary sentiments of many if not most Americans, Ingraham didn't like the speech, describing it as weird and uninspiring. "I thought it was a very odd speech," Ingraham said, "and it was not well received, and that didn’t surprise me at all given its tenor and its tone."

Asked for his take, Woodward noted that Obama shouldn't focus so much on giving an explanation for his policies, because his problem is not that he hasn't talked enough.

"There's so much talk," Woodward complained before arguing that the goal of foreign policy is to "comfort your friends and scare the hell out of your enemies or your potential enemies," neither of which was accomplished by Obama's speech.


"Sometimes it is best just to be quiet and not try to theorize and not try to explain here. The explaining is just not working," Woodward said.

Critical as he was, however, Woodward felt compelled to note that by other criteria — protecting the country and avoiding unnecessary wars — Obama was doing a good job. "[I]f you look at the record," Woodward added, "you have to give Obama some credit. He’s protected the country, and we have not had another war or unnecessary war."

This was too much for Ingraham, who quickly interjected that Obama did not protect the country during the 2012 Benghazi attack. "[W]e kind of failed on that regard, don’t you think?" Ingraham asked.


Taking her comment as proof that "explaining" his policies is not worth it for Obama, Woodward responded, "Well, you are underscoring my point that [Benghazi] will never go away — at least, with you."

Then everyone laughed while Ingraham halfheartedly said, "I actually don't think it's funny when an ambassador is murdered ..."


You can watch Woodward snark at Ingraham's expense below, via the Raw Story:

Elias Isquith

Elias Isquith is a former Salon staff writer.

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