The National Review's disgraceful transphobia: Laverne Cox is not "delusional"

A deeply ignorant essay tries to frame the trans experience as unnatural

Published June 3, 2014 12:55PM (EDT)

Laverne Cox as Sophia Burset in "Orange Is the New Black"             (Netflix)
Laverne Cox as Sophia Burset in "Orange Is the New Black" (Netflix)

This article originally appeared on The Daily Dot.

The Daily Dot

On Friday, May 30, the National Review Online published an essay by Kevin D. Williamson, one later syndicated in the Chicago Sun-Times. Williamson was writing in response to TIME magazine's feature “The Transgender Tipping Point,” a historic feat that put actress and activist Laverne Cox on the cover. The thesis of Williamson's essay, cleverly foreshadowed in the title “Laverne Cox is Not a Woman,” is that transgender people are delusional:

"The trans self-conception, if the autobiographical literature is any guide, is partly a feeling that one should be living one’s life as a member of the opposite sex and partly a delusion that one is in fact a member of the opposite sex at some level of reality that transcends the biological facts in question. There are many possible therapeutic responses to that condition, but the offer to amputate healthy organs in the service of a delusional tendency is the moral equivalent of meeting a man who believes he is Jesus and inquiring as to whether his insurance plan covers crucifixion."

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