Watch Conan's hilarious jab at Google's driverless cars

The prototype is here, but not everyone is convinced of their safety

By Sarah Gray
Published June 4, 2014 3:25PM (EDT)

In recent weeks there's been quite a bit of (much needed) discussion about Google's self-driving cars. Along with the serious conversations, of course come the spoofs. And Conan O'Brien's lightly edited video is spot on. In less than one minute it captures both the excitement and fear of this robotic technology.

Originally, Google had just modified preexisting automobiles, however last week the first Google-made prototype was introduced. The petite two-seater looks even more cartoonish than a SmartCar, and lacks a steering wheel and brake pedals.

At first, it may seem easy to either dismiss the car as dangerous or scary, or eagerly accept it as the future we've all been waiting for. However, all aspects of safety, driver and/or manufacture responsibility, current technical limitations, the future of driving and the environment must be thoroughly analyzed. Soon there will even be self-driving car regulations put out by California's Department of Motor Vehicles.

Watch the quick video below:

And this is part of the original video:

Eric Schmidt on Google's Driverless Cars
h/t The Guardian

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