Watch what happens when you boil Coke down to just its sugar

A Russian YouTuber shows how much sticky sweet black tar we're putting in our bodies

By Timothy McGrath
June 6, 2014 4:00PM (UTC)
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Global Post Look in this pot. What do you see?

That's a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Russian YouTuber and amateur scientist who goes by "Crazy Russian Hacker" wanted to show what goes into your body when you drink a sugary soda. So he boiled the water out of Coke and showed what was left.

What's left is what you see here. Several ounces of thick, sticky, black goop that looks like it belongs in a pothole, not in a human stomach.


Crazy Russian Hacker has created what might just be the most effective piece of anti-sugar advocacy in history. Public health agencies around the world have produced a library-worth of infographics, advertisements, and factsheets about the health dangers of sugary drinks.

They should probably just show people this video.



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