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Watch a giant bolt of lightning strike a speeding truck

Incredibly, the couple inside lived to tell the tale

Lindsay Abrams
June 10, 2014 12:20AM (UTC)

In a set of highly improbably coincidences, a Canadian couple survived being struck by lightning while in a moving truck, and a surveillance camera was there to capture the entire thing on video.

“It was all blowing up in front of my face,” said Betty Perry, who was riding in the truck along with her husband, Al.


The couple's still a bit rattled by the experience, they told CTV News Edmonton but they recovered in time to celebrate their 47th anniversary. And Betty, who credits her husband with saving her life, has retained her sense of humor, as evidenced by her charming reaction when the reporter asks her if there are still "sparks" in her marriage. 

Check out the footage, and hear the couple tell the story of their harrowing escape from the burning truck, below:


h/t Laughing Squid

Lindsay Abrams

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