Watch Weezer's drummer catch a frisbee while performing

Patrick Wilson doesn't let a frisbee get in the way of rock music

By Prachi Gupta
Published June 9, 2014 9:54PM (UTC)
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Patrick Wilson of Weezer (Jeff Daly/invision/ap)

Rock concert ettiquette 101: Don't throw things at the musicians. It is not nice, and it interrupts their set. But if you absolutely must throw something, make sure that it is light and aerodynamic, like a frisbee, and make sure that the drummer is skillful enough to catch it while he is performing.

On Friday, Weezer's Patrick Wilson validated one overactive fan at a concert in St. Augustine, Florida, when he caught a frisbee with his drumstick and then held it in his mouth, uninterrupted:

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If only Macaulay Culkin had reflexes like that.

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