Stephen Colbert taste-tests the liquid "food" of the future, Soylent

"Why not just eat food? Americans are not lacking in food"

Published June 12, 2014 1:50PM (EDT)

 Rob Rhinehart and Stephen Colbert with Soylent   (screenshot)
Rob Rhinehart and Stephen Colbert with Soylent (screenshot)

Last night Stephen Colbert sat down for a little taste test with Rob Rhinehart, CEO of Soylent. The latest food craze in Silicon Valley isn't really food at all -- at least in the traditional sense. It's Soylent, a nutrient-rich drink that is engineered to replace food, while still providing a balanced diet. The substance -- a blend of powder and oils -- is 2,000 calories and costs $9 per day.

Rhinehart has been using Soylent as 90 percent of his diet for the last year and a half. Naturally, Colbert had a lot of serious questions for the 25-year-old former wireless tech engineer, such as: "When is the last time you formed a stool?"

"What was the inspiration for this?" Colbert asked. "Did you see someone in a coma with a feeding tube, and you thought, 'I'll have what he's having'?"

Colbert also tried Soylent, to interesting results. Watch below:

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