The sweetest sin: Austrian parish erupts after porn shoot desecrates sanctuary

An adult actress and her film crew could face up to 6 months in jail for staging pornographic films in a church

By Jenny Kutner
Published July 15, 2014 7:06PM (EDT)
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Congregants at a Catholic church in Hörsching, Austria are up in arms after two porn films were allegedly shot in their house of worship in June, without the parish priest's permission. The films, which were made available for download online, prompted the Diocese of Linz to file an official complaint against its adult star(s) and crew members, who face up to six months in jail if they're found guilty. So, while it might not be as strange as having sex on top of a Chipotle, making porn in a church seems to have greater criminal consequences.

According to The Local, police are currently searching for the films' star, 24-year-old Polish-Austrian actress Babsi, who has become something of an Internet sensation for her church porn role. Investigators are also looking into how the crew was able to get into the church, after parish priest Father Walter confirmed that he had not granted the film crew permission to shoot on the premises. Father Walter was also the one to discover that his church had been used as a makeshift porn studio, after an anonymous tipster alerted him to the videos online.

Under section 189 of Austria's criminal code, which outlaws any "mischief" that might cause legitimate nuisance for a religious community, the pornographers not only face potential jail time, but a fine as well. As for the parish, clergy members are currently working to "reinstate the dignity of the church." According to a statement from the diocese, "the sacraments which were celebrated in the past few weeks in the parish church are still considered valid."

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