Watch: Now that the World Cup's over, here's how to recycle all of your unwanted soccer crap

UCB comedy doesn't want your leftover fad items to end up in a landfill

Published July 15, 2014 9:44PM (EDT)


Salon never got around to rounding up the massive amount of waste generated by the World Cup the way we did for the Super Bowl, mostly because the size of our celebrations surrounding the big event is dwarfed by those thrown for American football. Still, the comedians at UCB raise an important point: Plenty of Americans spent the past month temporarily caring about soccer, and purchasing lots of stuff to convey their enthusiasm. Stuff that, now that the fun is over, may well get thrown away.

The troupe envisions a "Soccer Recycling Project" set up to keep our excess soccer junk and other international fad items from ending up in landfills. Because otherwise, they warn, "we might not have a planet left to be occasionally interested in."

Check it out below:

h/t Grist via Sports Illustrated

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