Netflix is testing a new feature to help you hide your softcore viewing habits

The streaming service might offer a privacy mode that won't make you rate "Bikini Spring Break" for all to see

Published July 21, 2014 10:06PM (EDT)

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Netflix might be making it a whole lot easier to watch softcore porn on the down-low, minus all the stretched excuses about how "Sacred Flesh" wound up in your Recently Watched category. The online streaming service is testing a "private viewing" feature, which would allow users to hide movies or shows -- whether it's "Gigli" or "An Awkward Sexual Adventure" -- from their viewing history or related recommendations. Not only would the new feature prevent other people who share an account from seeing whatever you don't want seen, it would also stop it from being shared with all of your Facebook friends if your Netflix account is linked to the social network.

Because Netflix has only announced that they're testing the new feature, it's still unknown whether viewers around the globe will ever get to make use of it. The website Gigaom, which broke the news, has lauded the possibility as the best new way to guiltlessly indulge in a B-list movie binge, but let's be honest: a Netflix privacy feature would likely facilitate porn-viewing aplenty. The only question is, why is anyone so ashamed to be watching Netflix porn in the first place? Maybe this conversation should be happening out in the open.

By Jenny Kutner

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