Coolio is releasing his newest single on PornHub

Yes, that's right: PornHub. Just one more sign that the music industry sure is changing

Published July 23, 2014 5:06PM (EDT)

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For his first musical release since 2009, rapper and cookbook enthusiast Coolio has something special planned: a video premiere on the X-rated video-sharing website PornHub. According to TMZ, the rapper's contribution to the ever-evolving music industry landscape seemed like a natural progression of events, after PornHub provided the talent for Coolio's newest music video, "Take It To the Hub." As part of the partnership agreement, Coolio agreed to release all of his new songs on the website, which has previously ventured into uncharted territory to expand its audience.

The video, which had some of its behind-the-scenes clips included on TMZ, appears to include some NSFW shots of women in wet t-shirts and some twerking dinosaurs. It's difficult to say if Coolio's porn-friendly video will inform future music videography, or if it will inspire PornHub (or any popular porn sites) to pursue additional musical ventures. Either way, the site's partnership with Coolio is, at the moment, groundbreaking, and yet another sign of how the Internet has completely reshaped both the music and adult industries.

Watch the (censored, but still not-quite-SFW) behind-the-scenes clip from "Take It To the Hub" below:

By Jenny Kutner

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