Pharrell's new music video: "Beauty has no expiration date"

Then he ignores this message, and jumps around with Miley Cyrus instead

Published July 23, 2014 3:07PM (EDT)

Pharrell, the human incarnation of King Midas, has released the music video for his latest hypnotic pop jingle, "Come Get It Bae," from the album "G I R L." The video kicks off with some of Pharrell's feminism in a chyron that reads, "Beauty has no expiration date." Of course, that turns out to be a hollow statement, as the video then promptly ignores this message and follows it up with a montage of young, skinny models dancing around as Pharrell goofs around with his gal pal Miley.

Oh, Pharrell.

[embedtweet id="491955124823019520"]

Here they are, being best buds foreva:

Just hamming it up:

They do this thing, whatever it is:

And stare at you hard:

Remember, beauty has no expiration date!

The words of Zach Braff have never been (and probably never will be, again) so relevant.

Watch the video below:

By Prachi Gupta

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