Todd Akin is still mad about becoming a national laughingstock

The legitimately disgraced wingnut is still complaining about his oppressors to receptive far-right media

Published July 24, 2014 7:50PM (EDT)

Todd Akin             (Reuters/Sarah Conard)
Todd Akin (Reuters/Sarah Conard)

Continuing his disastrous media tour to hock his new book, former GOP Senate candidate and current punch line Todd Akin appeared on WNDtv, a part of the far-right media universe of WND (which, coincidentally, is publishing Akin's book), to further complain about how his infamous comments about "legitimate rape" were used as an excuse to "destroy [his] character" and "make fun of" him.

To explain how he became so woefully mistreated, Akin cited the right wing's favorite boogeyman, Saul Alinsky. Critics of Akin's implication that only women who are lying about being raped get pregnant, Akin said, were using "the old Saul Alinsky ... tactics" of attempting to "destroy their [him]" and "make fun of [him]" rather than "dealing with the thought or the issue or the question at hand."

This, Akin claimed, is a "very destructive politics" that the left uses "very effectively" to "destroy people's credibility." And one of the saddest things about it, Akin noted, was that it works: "Republicans cower and are afraid of it," he said.

Optimist that he is, though, Akin shared his insights as to how America can save itself from this Alinskyite scourge. His answer? Heroism!

"My belief is it’s time in America for heroes," Akin said, "for people who have the courage to stand up for what’s right, to call truth truth, for calling what they are doing a terrible tactic to destroy America and to destroy other people and just call them out on that."

You can watch Akin be all heroic below, via Right Wing Watch:

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