Report: Microsoft releasing a "selfie phone" perfect for narcissists everywhere

Two new Windows 8.1 devices may be on their way -- one is a startlingly accurate representation of today's culture

Published July 29, 2014 4:40PM (EDT)

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Microsoft may soon release two new Windows 8.1 smartphones, according to the Verge. Devices chief Stephen Elop -- known for his terrible "Hello there" memo firing 12,500 employees on July 17 -- showed off the two smartphones at a company meeting, sources told the Verge.

This is the age where the unveiling of a new device is awarded the fanfare of a sports game, and the pomp and circumstance of a graduation speech -- built up by months of feverish rumors.

So what is Microsoft delivering? Is is fueling insatiable consumerism like Amazon's fire phone? Is it grasping for design perfection like an iPhone?

Nope, Microsoft is playing at our narcissistic tendencies with a phone perfect for the selfie taker. From the Verge:

"Elop showed off what he described as a 'selfie phone' during the presentation, alongside video teasers of the two handsets. Microsoft’s selfie phone was previously revealed as codename Superman, a handset with a 5-megapixel forward-facing camera and 4.7-inch display."

The second phone was described by Elop as an "affordable high-end phone," according to the Verge, and it has aptly been given the code name "Tesla." It apparently has a PureView camera, and is thinner but similar in design to the Lumia 930.

No word on when the phones will officially be unveiled, but according to the Verge, their launch is "imminent."

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