Stephen Colbert destroys Rand Paul with the "Rand Paul-eo diet": Run away from DREAMers

"It's just three easy steps to deregulating your waistline!"

Published August 7, 2014 1:45PM (EDT)

  (Screenshot/Comedy Central)
(Screenshot/Comedy Central)

Last night Stephen Colbert introduced a new weight loss technique: The Rand Paul-eo Diet.

"The only weight loss system scientifically developed by a self-licensed ophthalmologist," Colbert explained. "It's just three easy steps to deregulating your waistline!"

The "diet," per se, took aim at Paul's speedy exit from a debate with a "dreamer," who approached Paul and Rep. Steve King.

Rand Paul, who will presumably be running for president in 2016, has been making an effort to reach out to the Hispanic and black communities. Yet, Colbert explains, he also has to stay within the boundaries of conservative ideals on immigration, which "range from deportation to glue traps." Watch below:

By Sarah Gray

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