Unintentionally hilarious "Morning Joe" graphic identifies Bill Kristol as harbinger of doom

The good people at MSNBC looked into the future, and what they saw was Kristoldämmerung

Published August 8, 2014 2:30PM (EDT)

 As seen on "Morning Joe"
As seen on "Morning Joe"

Eons from now, when the aliens are sifting through the remains of human civilization and pondering the cause of our untimely demise, will they identify ecological catastrophe as the engine of our swift collapse? Will the unmistakable thumbprint of radioactive decay hover over our cities like a death pall? Will an examination of the geological record reveal a thin layer of space dust, the signature of an extra-planetary collision? Or will the marker of our unceremonious exit from history be something else entirely?

The people behind "Morning Joe," perhaps in the thrall of Ambien-induced night terrors, have identified the answer.

The answer is Bill Kristol.

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By Peter Finocchiaro

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