Community discussion: What's concerning you in sustainability?

Of all the sustainability topics open for debate, which deserves more attention?

Published August 8, 2014 5:17PM (EDT)

     (ItzaFineDay via Flickr)
(ItzaFineDay via Flickr)

For the past two months, we've grown together as a community intensely interested in furthering discussions around climate change. We've argued how to deal with denial an misinformation. We've explored ways to get the word out across large media outlets, and how to prepare the next generation for whatever may come their way. We've looked at what cities are doing on a local level, which many of you felt is the way to create the most change. Your most read and commented stories deal with climate deniers and how to approach the subject, and we've talked about that at length. But, there are many more topics to explore; more than we've discussed, and possibly more than we've covered as an outlet.

We are anxious for more talk around large, tough-to-ignore changes to the environment and small, slow changes. Both wildfires, and disturbances in the arctic. We are looking forward to the 2016 election season and what that means for sustainability in the US. Mostly, though, we are interested in how these talks affect neighborhoods and generations who will live through them.

So to you, the most proactive in your communities, who tirelessly look to discover new information and methods of discussion, we are asking you: what is the most concerning topic around climate change today? What is there not nearly enough information on? Where have the pundits fallen silent? Where can we further explore to help the spread of scientific accurate information?

Leave your suggestions and thoughts below, and don't be surprised if we reach out for more information, or to utilize your topic for a larger community discusion.

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