Christian conservative pundit agrees with ISIL: Iraqi Yazidis are “devil worshipers”

Bryan Fischer makes comparing America's fundamentalist far-right to radical Islamism a whole lot easier

Published August 11, 2014 2:21PM (EDT)

Bryan Fischer             (AP/Troy Maben)
Bryan Fischer (AP/Troy Maben)

Ranting on his radio show on Friday, far-right fundamentalist Christian Bryan Fischer argued that the reason President Obama had decided to intervene in Iraq to protect the country's Yazidi minority from potential annihilation at the hands of the extremist group ISIL is because the Yazidis are "devil worshipers."

"They go after devil worshipers and all of the sudden the entire weight of the United States government is sent in there to relieve them and to avenge them," Fischer complained. Perhaps worried that listeners wouldn't understand which group he was accusing of deifying evil, Fischer clarified: "Those are the Yazidis."

Arguing that Obama's anti-Christian bigotry is what kept him from intervening in Iraq earlier, when ISIL was menacing minority Christians, Fischer said President Obama "will fight for Satan worshipers but he will not fight for Christians."

Fischer himself has acknowledged that by describing the Yazidis as "devil worshipers," he is aligning with Islamist extremists like ISIL. "In a rare point of theological accord, both Muslims and Christians agree that the archangel revered by the Yazidis is in fact the Prince of Darkness," he wrote. "The Yazidis have fallen for his lies.”

While much of the rest of the world regards the ancient Yazidism as a mix of Zoroastrianism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, religious extremists like Fischer and ISIL have decided they have better insight into the true nature of this small, insular religious community.

You can watch Fischer take the side of the genocidal ISIL extremists below, via Right Wing Watch:

By Elias Isquith

Elias Isquith is a former Salon staff writer.

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