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August 13, 2014 11:05AM (UTC)
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"There was no thunderbolt, no clap of thunder, just a simple how-do-you-do." — Lauren Bacall, who died on Tuesday at age 89, on meeting future husband Humphrey Bogart for the first time. The couple become one of Hollywood's most legendary acting romances.



"The local authorities have put themselves in a position — hiding names and not being transparent — where people will not trust anything but an objective investigation." — The Rev. Al Sharpton in a news conference in St. Louis on the investigation into the fatal shooting of a black teenager by a police officer in a suburb of the Missouri city.


"He shook every hand, signed every autograph, and hugged every person. He understood the energizing effect laughter has in times of stress and he channeled his incredible energy to help those experiencing the loneliness, fear and uncertainty of being far from home and loved ones the chance to relax and recharge." — From the USO statement on the death of superstar comedian and actor Robin Williams


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