This new U2 album has got everyone feeling lots of feelings

"Songs of Innocence" appeared in users's iTunes libraries yesterday, free of charge

Published September 10, 2014 9:03PM (EDT)

      (Associated Press)
(Associated Press)

90s rock band U2 has released its first album in five years, and in doing so, has created a modern-spin on the classic wordlview litmus test: Do you see "Songs of Innocence," which magically appeared in your iTunes library yesterday, as a gift? Or do you see it as a nuisance and and erie invasion of privacy?

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Complex staffers had a full dialogue about it and Slate sort of ridiculed it while raising some valid points about what this means for personal technology, ownership, and streaming music.

In the meantime, is this hell, you wonder?:

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Now you are wondering this:

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Okay, but first, let's joke about it:

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But, come on, I'm pretty sure no one would have complained about this if it had been Beyonce...:

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On that note -- can we please get a free Beyonce album?

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