Ann Coulter (Jeff Malet,

Ann Coulter: "Obama could commit a murder on the White House lawn -- and they would still support the first minority president!"

Ann Coulter goes way beyond the line in an unhinged rant urging Tea Partyers to take back the Senate

Salon Staff
September 11, 2014 9:58PM (UTC)

In an unusually unhinged column even by Ann Coulter standards, the conservative writer makes a wild case for Republican control of the Senate and fires up the Tea Party troops to oppose any possible executive action on immigration, which could come after the November elections.

"Could you please be enraged now?" she writes. "Once the holiday season kicks off, you'll be too busy going to parties and Christmas shopping to notice that you're suddenly living in Mexico."


Later Coulter adds this gem:  "Obama's base isn't even looking for representation. We could have a 1929-level stock market crash, Obama could commit a murder on the White House lawn -- and they would still support the first minority president!"

After a bizarre reference to bumping into Jay Z in the men's room of an Obama fundraiser, Coulter makes this case for GOP control of the Senate:

You know how much you've been enjoying the courts overturning state referendums prohibiting gay marriage? Get ready for a lot more of your hard-won political victories to be nullified by the courts if Republicans don't take a Senate majority.

Remember how the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare on a 5-4 vote? Obama could have a shot at replacing another Supreme Court justice in the next two years. As a senator, he voted against both of Bush's nominees, so he can't very well complain if Republicans reject his loony-bird nominees.

Have you heard about the federal judge conspiring with Attorney General Eric Holder and the ACLU to bring deported illegal aliens back from Mexico? Yes, he's bringing them back. That judge, John A. Kronstadt, can't be impeached unless Republicans take the Senate.

Salon Staff

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