Bill Maher's "dirty secret": He's deeply religious and prays with Ann Coulter

According to this Funny or Die video, that is ...

By Prachi Gupta

Published September 16, 2014 7:53PM (EDT)

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Bill Maher, ardent atheist and fierce satirist, is just kidding about, well, everything. In a new Funny or Die sketch the HBO host jokes about his atheism and says his persona is "an act."

If "stupid atheists want to give me their money" that's their business, he says, joking that he donates it all to churches.

"I had a vision when I was 14 years old, Jesus Christ sat at the edge of my bed," he said, "He just told me: have fun with it."

His BFFs include Ann Coulter ("We pray. That's what we do") but he draws the line at Kirk Cameron, that "little prick."

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