"I'm seven weeks pregnant and haven't done anything I'm supposed to because I'm so afraid of my mom finding out"

Some pregnancy fears are so intimate and scary we can't tell anyone. But we can Whisper them secretly to the world

Published September 29, 2014 10:57PM (EDT)

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Brian Frazer's powerful essay on "How IVF Made Us Happily Child-free" touched deep emotions with us -- and we thought it would with readers, as well. The fears we have when pregnant too often go unspoken -- sometimes they seem too scary to share even with a best friend. So we asked our friends at Whisper -- the amazing, anonymous app for sharing intimate and personal thoughts -- to collect the kind of honest responses you get when you know your name will never be attached. We've shared a handful of them below; you can add your own at Whisper.sh -- and we'll publish a second round of responses soon.

By Salon Staff

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By Whisper Staff

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