Watch these adorable kids hilariously fail at skip-it

And some even succeed!

Published September 29, 2014 4:00PM (EDT)

 "Kids React"   (screenshot/"The Fine Bros")
"Kids React" (screenshot/"The Fine Bros")

What's better than watching kids react to '90s toys, and old technology? Watching these same kids try to play with these gadgets and toys of the recent past.

In the latest "Kids React," the Fine Bros give a group of kids ages 6 to 13 a skip-it -- the jumprope-like toy you spun around your leg and hopped over. (It was tricky as hell, until you got the hang of it!) Watch these kids learn, and fail, to use a skip-it:

This video is interesting for so many reasons, beyond the general hilarity of these cute kids. Some kids reveal that they mostly play with games on screens -- iPads, iPods, computers -- and not toys like these.

There is also a fascinating moment when a boy reveals that he wouldn't want to play with a skip-it because there were only girls in the commercial, a telling sign of how much of an impact advertisements make on young kids.

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