Alex Jones: Obama will unleash ISIS terrorists on U.S. so he can confiscate our guns!

The professional conspiracy theorist and pal of the Pauls sees yet another nefarious plot

Published September 30, 2014 12:31PM (EDT)

While commentators and policymakers debate the wisdom of the Obama administration’s air war against the Islamic State (ISIS), professional conspiracy theorist and Rand Paul buddy Alex Jones is – shockingly – crying “false flag,” asserting that the U.S. government plans to unleash ISIS militants in the U.S. as part of a nefarious plot to “overthrow what’s left of Western civilization” and, while we’re at it, to implement gun control.

“ISIS basically works for” the U.S. government, Jones tells listeners of his radio program, in his latest exposé of What Obama Isn’t Telling You.

Before you call him crazy, listen up – the man his done his research: “When I tell you that they’re getting ready to release grade-level – I’m talking three, four, five thousand terrorist sleepers in this country – that’s top capabilities in my research that Islamic State has in this country,” Jones says.

Asserting that ISIS is “on the CIA payroll,” Jones proceeds to explain why it makes perfect sense that elite globalists/Council on Foreign Relations members/Bilderbergers/Alinskyites would use a group like ISIS to destroy civilization as we know it:

And so, if I wanted to overthrow America, if I wanted to overthrow what’s left of Western civilization, if I wanted to bring in a tyranny, so I could then turn the West into an armored compound to launch a global war worldwide to take over the planet for the bankers and destroy the other free countries and the rogue countries, as well as the West, while I was at it, I would fund radical jihadists worldwide to threaten the West, to state horrible atrocities. I would then give them part of the Middle East as their payoff ...

A key element in the conspiracy to topple Western civilization, Jones says, is gun control.

“They really wanna go after guns,” the Infowars founder tells his audience. So the administration will deploy ISIS terrorists to attack “maybe 200 kids” in Democratic strongholds, where it will be easier to use the attacks to justify new gun control measures.

“They’ll probably target a Democratic-controlled area where they know they’ve got a lotta, a lotta tied up victims, and nobody there to protect ‘em. New York, Chicago, D.C. And they’ll go in and just kill a lot – maybe 200 kids. And then they’ll spin it, you know, we need gun control,” Jones predicts.

Watch Jones embark on his latest paranoid tangent here:

By Luke Brinker

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