Pharrell, Elton John, Lorde and others star in fantastic cover of "God Only Knows"

BBC Music enlisted 29 performers to recreate a magical rendition of the "Beach Boys" classic

Published October 8, 2014 2:06PM (EDT)

Kylie Minogue in BBC Music's "God Only Knows" cover    (BBC Music)
Kylie Minogue in BBC Music's "God Only Knows" cover (BBC Music)

The BBC has announced the launch of BBC Music with a fantastic 2-minute video of celebrities covering the Beach Boys hit "God Only Knows." The video transports 29 performers, including Pharrell and Elton John, into a fantasy realms where they are Gods. In landscapes out of a Rousseau painting or a scene from "Alice in Wonderland," we see Lorde in dark ombre angel's wings, Stevie Wonder performing amid glittering diamonds and Kylie Minogue floating in a bubble above the audience.

The song brings together 27 major artists, the BBC Concert Orchestra and the original songwriter Brian Wilson, together dubbed the Impossible Orchestra. "This 'impossible' orchestra is a celebration of all the talent, diversity and musical passion found every single day throughout the BBC," said director of BBC Music Bob Shennan.

According to the BBC, "BBC Music will encompass TV and radio programming, digital services and schemes to support emerging talent including the introduction of classical music to UK primary schools."

The video is so visually stunning that Guardian compiled a list of every performer (and got overzealous) with a rating of each performance.

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