Pornhub's gigantic Times Square billboard has been mysteriously removed

The adult entertainment site's first mainstream advertisement stayed up for just a few days after its erection

Published October 9, 2014 6:50PM (EDT)


The adult entertainment site Pornhub seemed to have finally caught a break in the world of offline advertising when it debuted a massive, 54' x 48' billboard in Times Square earlier this week. But on Wednesday night, the site's official Twitter page announced that the mostly safe-for-work ad, which included the slogan "All You Need Is Hand," had been mysteriously removed.

Pornhub has not received or released an official explanation for the billboard's removal, but The Guardian reports that the building on which it was placed, a DoubleTree Hilton hotel, is suspected of objecting to the ad. The promotion reportedly cost $100,000 to erect, and debuted to the tune of the Beatles' "All You Need Is Love," performed by the Gotham Rock Choir and substituting the original lyrics for the Pornhub slogan.

The site's creative director, Nuri Galver, designed the "All You Need Is Hand" ad, which won a contest for the best safe-for-work ad for Pornhub. Other finalists included a public transit poster that read "Where are you getting off?"


By Jenny Kutner

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