Stephen Colbert nearly breaks character over a Colorado poll: "Looks like a recently lit joint"

It's time for another Colbert midterm round-up

Published October 14, 2014 5:45PM (EDT)

Stephen Colbert   (screenshot/"The Colbert Report")
Stephen Colbert (screenshot/"The Colbert Report")

Stephen Colbert is getting into that fall spirit, even if it means he has to contend with fall chores, like covering the midterm elections. It may be a drag, analogous to "pretending to like decorative gourds" or "watching people dry," in Colbert's words, but he is going to do it -- with style.

In Colbert's coverage nobody is safe, not even Michelle Obama. Colbert also pays special attention to the senate race in Colorado, where Senator Mark Udall is facing off with conservative opponent Cory Gardner. Polls are close there and close to looking like a lit joint. Watch below:

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