Stephen Colbert burns Sean Hannity: "I can never match his ability to get his head up his own ass"

Colbert deliciously mocks Hannity's new "Question of the Day" segment

Published October 16, 2014 5:13PM (EDT)

Stephen Colbert     (Comedy Central)
Stephen Colbert (Comedy Central)

Stephen Colbert tore into Fox News personality Sean Hannity on "The Colbert Report" last night. Hannity recently introduced a segment called "Question of the Day." This segment is not Hannity delving into some hard-hitting news, but rather a way for Hannity and the viewers to get to know each other better -- and for him to ram in a few extra Obama insults.

Colbert's least favorite question thus far during the segment has to do with Hannity's latest workout regime, and so Colbert introduced an entire new segment as a response. Watch below:

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