Louie Gohmert: Nurses infected with Ebola are victims of Democratic "war on women"

First it was sexually predatory "criminal aliens." Now the gov's war on women is Ebola and CDC director Frieden

Published October 17, 2014 2:48PM (EDT)

Louie Gohmert                         (AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
Louie Gohmert (AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

We already know Texas GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert doesn't think the Obama administration is doing a very good job of protecting women. In fact, in July, the Tea Party favorite criticized Democrats for waging a "war on women" by failing to protect American females from the sexual advances of "criminal aliens." But on Thursday, Gohmert said that the government's method of attack had changed; now Democrats are just waging war with Ebola.

In an interview on Glenn Beck's radio show, Gohmert charged the CDC and the Democratic Party with throwing female nurses "under the bus" with efforts to contain the Ebola virus in Dallas. “You know, it’s a shame that the CDC head, [Tom] Frieden, is apparently the commander of the Democrats’ new war on women nurses,” Gohmert said. “Because, good night, they set them up, and then they throw them under the bus.”

Gohmert's charge continued on Fox News, where he was invited to discuss the "war on women" on Friday's edition of "Fox & Friends." The congressman continued to lament Frieden's apparent blaming of two nurses for contracting Ebola, which the CDC director attributed to their violation of safety protocols.

“Instead of asking forgiveness and explaining they had not gotten protocols where they needed to be, they come out and say, well, this nurse got Ebola because she violated protocol,” Gohmert said. “I mean, it is a war on these poor women nurses and they are doing the best they can.”

By Jenny Kutner

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