Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart mercilessly mocks Rick Scott and "fangate"

"A debate must have at least two parties to be considered a debate, otherwise it's a masturbate; it's just one"

By Sarah Gray
October 17, 2014 8:27PM (UTC)
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Jon Stewart on Fangate (Comedy Central)

The heavy news of late was starting to weigh heavily on Jon Stewart's spirits. However, the host of "The Daily Show" found a glimmer of hope Wednesday night in Florida: fangate.

Stewart was absolutely delighted by the debate between incumbent Gov. Rick Scott (R) and former Gov. Charlie Crist (D) -- a debate that began with Scott refusing to participate due to the presence of a fan pointed at Crist's "presumably sweaty balls."


"A debate must have have at least two parties to be considered a debate," Stewart explained. "Otherwise it's a masturbate; it's just one." Watch the clip below:

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