"Parks and Rec" writer Megan Amram and Nick Offerman make science sexy

"Let's get physics, y'all!"

By Sarah Gray
Published October 17, 2014 2:44PM (EDT)
Megan Amram and Nick Offerman (Funny or Die)
Megan Amram and Nick Offerman (Funny or Die)

"Parks and Recreation" writer Megan Amram is just a few short weeks from releasing her hilarious new book "Science ... For Her." It is a satirical book that lampoons the women's magazine genre and the marketing of products to women in general -- not to mention the terrible gender norms that are reinforced.

And to promote her book she roped in a few hunky men to work out in a music video. Obviously that's the only way to appeal to women, amirite?

Enter Nick Offerman, Steve Agee and Rich Fulcher giving it all they've got in "Let's Get Physics, Y'all." Watch below via Funny or Die:

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