"Twin Peaks" novel will reveal what happened during the show's 25-year hiatus

"The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks" by co-creator Mark Frost will be published next year

By Sarah Gray
Published October 17, 2014 4:11PM (EDT)

"Twin Peaks" co-creator Mark Frost announced that he has written a novel titled "The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks," which will be released by Flatiron Books next year. 

In early October it was announced that "Twin Peaks," the 1990s cult-classic television show created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, is returning to television 25 years later. The novel will come out in advance of the television continuation.

This long passage of time between the show's final airing and this modern continuation raises a lot of important questions about the small town in Washington -- including significant plot details, along with mundane musings about the role of new technology, how the characters have aged, or if the cherry pie and coffee will still be so damn good.

According to a statement, the novel will explain "what has happened to the people of that iconic fictional town since we last saw them 25 years ago and offers a deeper glimpse into the central mystery that was only touched on by the original series."

Sarah Gray

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