NRA: Guns aren't intimidating because "they're just bits of plastic and metal"

What are you, a wuss who doesn't want to be accidentally shot to death?

Published October 20, 2014 9:27PM (EDT)

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A video from the National Rifle Association released on Monday took on critics of "open carry" -- or, when a guy walks into a supermarket with a pistol on his hip.

NRA news commentator Billy Johnson just doesn't understand why people have a problem with the practice: "Somehow, we have completely dehumanized gun violence, and have instead humanized guns. Guns kill. Guns strike fear. Guns intimidate. Seriously? They're just bits of plastic and metal."

So, according to Johnson, people always have intent when they shoot--guns never accidentally injure and kill people they weren't supposed to injure or kill. But what about this accidental shooting? And this one? And this? And this? This one? This or this? How about this one? No, wait sorry here's another. And this? What about this?

He continues: "They are no more capable of intimidation than my vacuum is of cleaning my house or my lawnmower is of mowing my lawn."

I don't know if Johnson reviewed the copy before he said it on tape, but that sentence means that guns are as capable intimidating as vacuums are of cleaning... so, very capable?

Watch the clip below via Media Matters:

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