Must-see morning clip: John Oliver dissects America's dangerous sugar addiction

Oliver is demanding transparency on added sugars with #ShowUsYourPeanuts

By Sarah Gray
Published October 27, 2014 4:54PM (EDT)

John Oliver used his unique blend of comedy and reportage to analyze America's outrageous consumption of sugar -- and the potential health consequences of this sugar addiction. The average American ingests 75 pounds of sugar per year, and it turns out that our brains respond to the consumption of sugar in a similar fashion to cocaine use.

Excess sugar, however, may be linked to serious health issues including obesity -- depending on what research you read. Oliver points out that researchers backed with money from the food industry are not likely to find that sugar is harmful.

How can consumers know how much excess sugar has been added to products they're ingesting? The FDA is attempting to revamp nutrition labels to reflect this addition but is meeting resistance from food companies. Oliver, however, has his own method of transparency: #ShowUsYourPeanuts. Watch below:

Sarah Gray

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