Michele Bachmann: President Obama is a "dictator"

The congresswoman is on her way out, but her unhinged rhetoric is as crazed as it ever was

Published October 28, 2014 1:25PM (EDT)

  (Reuters/Jason Reed)
(Reuters/Jason Reed)

Outgoing Tea Party congresswoman Michele Bachmann is calling President Barack Obama a dictator -- again.

The allegation comes in a new Washington Post piece examining Bachmann's plans for life after Congress, which apparently involve becoming the "next Newt Gingrich" and doing some deep thinking at a think tank, "preferably having something to do with foreign policy." But Bachmann still has another two months left representing Minnesota's 6th Congressional District, and that means she isn't finished pressing the flesh and conducting public meetings with constituents. And that's where Bachmann's penchant for unhinged rhetoric comes in.

Speaking with Minnesotans at a recent Saturday meeting, the Post reports, Bachmann launched a broadside against Obama's immigration policy, which she asserted could "make everybody legal," including "terrorists."

"What the president wants to do now is grant wholesale amnesty,” Bachmann declared. “He’s planning to do an executive order and make everybody legal. Presumably, it could include terrorists that are here in the United States.”

As the crowd responded with shouts of "Impeach!" and "Send him back to Kenya," Bachmann laughed, according to the Post.

"He's a dictator," one voter told Bachmann.

“He’s a dictator now,” the congresswoman responded. “He’s making up the law as he goes along.”

This isn't the first time Bachmann has referred to the president as a "dictator." One year ago, she decried the president's "thuggery," saying that the "dictator" Obama had "committed impeachable offenses." That statement came days after Bachmann proclaimed that we had entered the "end times" because, she alleged, the Obama administration was arming al-Qaida in Syria.

By Luke Brinker

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