Woman walks around New York for a day, is catcalled more than 100 times

Still think catcalls are "flattering"? This woman's hidden cam footage will set you straight in a hurry

Published October 28, 2014 7:37PM (EDT)

        (Hollaback/Rob Bliss)
(Hollaback/Rob Bliss)

Street harassment is a real occurrence that affects real women on a daily basis. It is characterized by a variety of behaviors -- whistles, winks, "hey babys," "bless you mamas," stares that last too long. It is uncomfortable for many people, and overwhelmingly happens without invitation and despite efforts to dismiss it. In case you don't believe any of the things I've just written, here's some substantiating evidence.

Hollaback, an organization dedicated to eliminating street harassment, partnered with creative director Rob Bliss to produce a PSA about the realities of catcalling. Shoshana B. Roberts, a New York-based actress, volunteered to walk around Manhattan for 10 hours while Bliss walked in front of her with a GoPro camera attached to his backpack to capture her trip. Roberts carried a microphone in each of her hands, recording the seemingly infinite comments men made to her while she walked silently around the city.

The clip is just under two minutes long, but the number of comments is astonishing. Hollaback estimates Roberts received more than 100 unsolicited advances over the course of the walk. At one point, a man comes up next to her and walks close by her side for five straight minutes. She presses on, and it is clear from the look of discomfort on Roberts' face that she is not acting.

Watch the PSA, via Hollback, below:

By Jenny Kutner

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