The most fascinating "mansplaining": Watch this video about the history of tampons

The menstrual product was first invented by the ancient Egyptians, but wasn't patented until the Depression era!

By Jenny Kutner
Published October 31, 2014 5:01PM (EDT)
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Once, when I was about 15, I was standing in my parents' kitchen thinking about menstruation (as 15-year-olds are wont to do) when a question came to mind: Who invented tampons? I decided to ask my mother, who is not known for her trivia skills. She responded immediately, without blinking.

"Dr. Herman Tampon."

Clearly, I needed to go to the Internet. Wikipedia told me that tampons were originally used by the ancient Egyptians, which was a good enough answer for me at the time -- so I stopped reading.

That means I didn't learn the following, fascinating history of tampons, which is much more interesting than you or I likely would have expected; thankfully, the explainers at Fusion realized this, and decided to make a video detailing the ubiquitous menstrual product's history. The first in the new website's "Mansplainer" series, the video is packed with not-entirely-useful-but-very-intriguing information that could maybe (maybe) make for a good conversation opener one day. If, of course, you are surrounded by people who also contemplated menstruation a lot as teenagers.

Watch the video below:

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