Joni Ernst courts the frat vote, totally loves Monster energy drinks

Ernst promised to be a powerful advocate for the white hat and frozen pizza industries if she's elected

By Katie McDonough
Published November 4, 2014 8:26PM (EST)
Joni Ernst                   (AP/Justin Hayworth)
Joni Ernst (AP/Justin Hayworth)

On the eve of the midterms, Joni Ernst was working on getting out Iowa's Republican fraternity dude vote, a very important vote indeed. Mother Jones' Patrick Caldwell was at the event, and watched as Ernst spoke to a room of men wearing jewel-toned button-downs that their mothers maybe/probably bought for them. Things heated up a little when a group of anti-Koch protesters disrupted Ernst's stumping, only to be physically pushed out by the frat brothers. Once the protest spilled outside, protesters continued to chant, "Joni Ernst does not believe in a federal minimum wage." Police eventually dispersed them.

Beyond the dust-up with protesters, Caldwell reported that Ernst mainly talked about foreign policy. Which means that she probably didn't get into how she would use a gun to defend herself against "the government, should they decide that my rights are no longer important." Or why she supports personhood and thinks that clusters of tissue are citizens but how that also doesn't really matter because it's not like she's in a position to make those things policy or anything. (Oh wait.) Or why she wants to shut down the Environmental Protection Agency. Or how she thinks Iowa should be able to nullify federal laws like the Affordable Care Act.

But she did talk about pounding a few Monster Energy drinks while on the campaign trail! Because you know how that trail is, brah! We go hard on the campaign trail, brah! "Believe me, we have a case of [Monster] on the bus," she said.

While wrapping up her remarks to the group of frat brothers, Ernst promised that, should she be elected to the Senate, she would be a powerful advocate for the white hat and frozen pizza industries and something something frat boy jokes something something.

Video of the anti-Kochs of the world and future Kochs of the world confronting each other here:

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