Astronaut's mind-blowing cover of "Space Oddity" is finally back on the Internet

"Ground control to Major Tom!": The video will be on YouTube for two more years

By Sarah Gray
Published November 4, 2014 3:50PM (EST)
 Chris Hadfield (Chris Hadfield/YouTube)
Chris Hadfield (Chris Hadfield/YouTube)

After long last, astronaut Chris Hadfield's incredible cover of "Space Oddity" by David Bowie, is back on the Web!

The video, which was recorded during Colonel Hadfield's stay on the International Space Station, was first posted in May of 2013 -- and it took the Internet by storm. Hadfield and his son Evan, who is responsible for making the video a reality with a team from the Canadian Space Agency, only had a year license from David Bowie to keep the video online. After May 13, 2014 the video was removed from YouTube.

Its Internet absence, however, was not permanent. Last month Colonel Hadfield spoke to Salon about his new book "You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes," and the eventual return of "Space Oddity":

"I'm not sure exactly when, but very soon. It's just a matter of honoring all legal contracts. It's somebody else's intellectual property, and you can't just steal it and give it away. And I didn't write that song, all I did was perform it in a new way and in a new place. And the people we've been working with, David Bowie and his publisher and his legal folks, they've all been really good. It just takes time. We've just about got it all organized and legal, and it'll be back up quite soon.

"My son Evan is the one who made that video. He worked with space agency people and a small team of people. But it was all his idea, and I was talking with him late last night as we were sorting out the final details to get it put back on YouTube. So we're almost there."

The video will be allowed online for two more years. Watch it below, and read more about Hadfield and his incredible experience as an astronaut here:

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