Bill O'Reilly finds a new "War on Christmas" villain: Muslims

The Fox News host loses it over Muslims who wanted Maryland schools to recognize their holidays

Published November 13, 2014 2:53PM (EST)

  (Frank Micelotta/invision/AP)
(Frank Micelotta/invision/AP)

It's already mid-November, which means that liberal elites' War on Christmas is really starting to gear up. But fear not; as he is every year, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly is on the case to defend all that is great and good about the season. And this year, he wants you to know that Muslims fired the first shot.

Here's a bit of background. Earlier this week, Montgomery County, Maryland, Board of Education voted 7-to-1 to strike Christian and Jewish holidays from its calendar. The reason? A group of Muslims had asked that the calendar also recognize Eid al-Adha. Rather than putting Muslims on an equal footing, the board opted to strip references to all religious holidays, although students will still have the traditional days off.

O'Reilly weighed in last night with the scalding hot takes we've come to expect from the cable news bloviator.

"The first salvo this season in the ongoing War on Christmas," he said at the opening of his segment on the controversy.

The way O'Reilly sees things, it's all the Muslims' fault.

"In Montgomery County, Maryland, there’ll be no mention of Christmas or any other religious holiday on the school calendars going forward," he noted. "That’s because a Muslim group did something."

They "did something," indeed. Of course, they weren't asking to have Christian and Jewish holidays stricken from the school calendar -- in fact, one Muslim leader denounced the decision, saying that the board's vote had "alienated other communities now." All the local Muslims wanted was equal recognition for Eid.

But O'Reilly blasted "these people" for destroying Real America's traditions.

"They’ve wiped out all our traditions because [of] these people. But I will say, I would’ve been respectful and put it on the calendar. But you’re not getting it off," he declared.

Watch the segment below, via Media Matters:

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