Jennifer Lawrence discusses wanting to get a "platonic colonic" with Josh Hutcherson on "Late Show"

Lawrence and Letterman discuss everything from bowel cleansing to bowling

Published November 13, 2014 6:00PM (EST)


Jennifer Lawrence spent some quality time with David Letterman on "The Late Show," Wednesday night, which resulted in the following five clips -- each more ridiculous than the next.

Lawrence was there to promote the first half of the final "Hunger Games" movie, "Mockingjay Part One," but they don't spend much time discussing the movie. Rather they chat about fishing (Lawrence will only fish with Letterman if there's security present), foul-mouthed friends and hypochondria. Lawrence is as charming and adorable as ever. Watch the hilarious clips below via CBS:

Lawrence and Letterman discuss stomachs:

Lawrence doesn't like time off:

Jennifer Lawrence takes over "Late Show," (watch out Colbert!):

JLaw has foul-mouthed friends:

And then Letterman and Lawrence ditch the joint:

By Sarah Gray

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