Porn stars explain net neutrality, speculate about Ted Cruz's weird taste in porn

Funny or Die's guide to the president's net neutrality proposal makes open Internet sound sexier than it already is

By Jenny Kutner
Published November 14, 2014 6:41PM (EST)
  (Funny or Die)
(Funny or Die)

Introducing sex into issues people don't seem to care much about is often a quick and easy way to boost engagement. That seems to be the principle behind so much advertising, or, at the very least, of Funny or Die's new PSA about net neutrality.

The site recruited adult film actresses Alex Chance, Mercedes Carrera and Nadia Styles to explain President Obama's open internet proposal as well as the concept of net neutrality, which can be pretty difficult to understand -- especially for someone like Ted Cruz, who recently (incoherently) compared net neutrality to Obamacare.

It would seem the concept is easier to grasp when three nude women explain it, and when they point out how dramatically porn streaming is likely to be affected if Internet service providers begin to grant some sites special privileges (or penalize others). The stars' breakdown is basic in the best way.

Watch Funny or Die's porn star net neutrality PSA below:

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